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Optimize the comfort relative to ventilation

Buildings receiving Public must be adequately ventilated. Airflow simulation allows to ensure that the comfort level for users is the one expected.

It's often a matter of checking the comfort relative to temperature and air speed. But it's also possible to go further verifying transfers and levels of hygrometry , CO2... .

Air flow simulation for comfort

As part of the extension project of the Lyon airport , design by Roger Stirk Harbour & Partners, we realize for the engineering consulting firm INDDIGO, the CFD calculations of verification of comfort according to the meteorological scenarios, to the use and to the ventilation.

  • To characterize air flows and temperatures.
  • To estimate the comfort levels (standard 7730) according to air speed and temperatures.
  • To analyze the air quality through water vapor and Co2 concentrations.


For the affected areas and for two meteorological scenarios, air flow simulations  ( stationary 3D CFD calculations) take account of :
  • The air flow rate at the nozzles exit and at the air returns,
  • The thermal transfers by forced or natural convection and by conduction,
  • The humidity transfers of the blown air and of the internal sources known (as people circulating into the facilities)


These simulations have revealed discomfort areas and enabled us to propose and validate improvements of the ventilation system : type and positions of the blow-off nozzles and air returns.

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Example of air speed in m/s (on the left) and
temperature in °C (on the right) in simplified scales.
Sections at 1.5 m of the ground
-> These results can be directly presented in comfort index (Percentage of dissatisfied people according to ISO 7730 standard).

Air speed and temperature on a vertical section.
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