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Influence of wind on ventilation of buildings recieving Public

Number of buildings intended to recieve Public have openings on the outside, especially the users entrance and exit. In some cases the inside ventilation can be disrupted by the wind which rushes by these openings.

Internal and external simulations of a train station concourse

The thermal dimensioning of a large dimension concourse doesn't take account of the natural or forced convection ( by the external wind). The thermal engineering consulting firm wish to specify this point.

To characterize the effect of the external wind and refine the thermal sizing.

  • Internal and external 3D simulation of various scenarios of wind Highlighting sensitive areas to winds,
  • 3D simulation within the building or global (inside - outside), linked up to the thermal data coming from the presizing.

These simulations has served to highlight the areas very sensitive to the wind and to propose changes on some openings position.

Other applications for Building

Example of streamlines colored in proportion to the speed inside the project and for a given wind direction
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