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support for design and energy optimization

The building sector is a large energy consumer. It is therefore crucial to find energy-efficiency solutions in building design as well as in rehabilitation and renovation program.

The simulation of buildings energy behavior ( heat exchange, air flow, thermal bridges, power generation systems, radiation....) enables anticipation and to have better saving-energy buildings.

Thermal and airflow modelling for building

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Comfort and ventilation

- Improvment of the ventilation system performance
- Optimization, sustainability, performance and comfort

Design office, Project owner - project manager, Architects, Towns

Hygrometry and thermal

- Modelling of thermal and humidity transfers
- Thermal bridges out of Thermal Regulations
- Condensation risks
► Design office, Project owner - project manager, Towns, Plant managers

Air quality and security

- Simulation of smoke exhaust in case of fire
- Validation CO2 level
- Calculation of radiation concentration on a reflective façade

► Design office, Project owner - project manager, Plant managers, Co-ownership syndicates

Urban planning

- external airflows calculations / validation of comfort objectives
- Environmental potential of urban planning works
- Prevention of local natural and industrial risks
- Tunnels safety : smoke extraction simulation

Project owner, Architects, Design office

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