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Numerical modelling engineering

Our task is to serve your products or processes projects using numerical modelling in order to accelarate your developments, control the risk of your investments and projects, and help you to plan, optimize and innovate. Clearly, it's the efficiency of your studies, and their reassurance.

Our services

Our consulting and engineering services in numerical modelling includes phases of listening, specification then of carrying out and interpretation :

  • Listening to your needs in order to define a concrete objective of study taking into account your constraints.
  • The specification of models and methods of simulation to meet this goal.
  • The carrying out is made with the proper rules, depending on specifications, with the possible inclusion of correlations deemed necessary.
  • The interpretation of the simulation results has to be consistent with choices made in upstream stages and the tools and methods of calculations.

A recognized performance

Clients references : ADIXEN, AREVA, CEA (on several sites, for several teams), SAFEGE, Groupe Carbone Lorraine, RSA Le Rubis...

Issues solved :

  • Investissement preparation,
  • Equipments adaptation,
  • Dysfunction characterization,
  • Operating point characterization in order to reduce the maintenance costs, to validate solutions of productivity increase.
  • Specification or validation of sizings.

They talk about us :

  • "a company we collaborated with one year ago, which brought us results validated on the field what gave us confidence to continue".
  • " a service provider in numerical simulation, helpfull when you are in the empirical evidence and you need adaptations to get results".

Our Commitments

  • Respect for deadlines.
  • Respect for budgets.
  • Listening and respect for your objectives.
  • Integration of the issues and specificity of your industrial field.
  • Advice on the model to be chosen.
  • Analysis and advice on obtained results.
Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or through our contact page