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About INOPRO iao, numerical simulation services

Close to Grenoble, INOPRO iao is a company specialized in Computational Fluid dynamics and dedicated to the numerical simulation

Discover INOPRO iao's expertise through its history, values, driving forces...

Our History

INOPRO iao was founded by Hervé Rouch a pioneer in the field of digital modeling consultancy. For 20 years, his expertise is a mix between the pragmatism of industrial studies and a deep understanding of simulated physical phenomena.

Our Resources

INOPRO iao use severals simulation softwares, as COMSOL, FLUENT and OPENFOAM. Our commitment on results free our clients about tools choice. We can also adapt to their internal choices. The transparency brought by open source software, leads us to validate each type of  application, more than commercial software, as, for example, OPENFOAM for airflow  or hydraulic two-phase flow applications.
Studies are mainly carried out on parallelized workstations widely equipped in RAM. Even if our objective is not to compute systematically huge calculations we can afford them  via outsourced HPC resources.

Our Values

Service, transparency, skills, efficiency are our daily guides. Our approach, simple and rigorous, is characterized by reactivity and listening. These values feed the trusting relationship we have with our client.

Our Approach

According to your constraints, we choose compromises by analysing  the uncertainties of the used model and the way to lessen them. The simulation is performed with the proper rules. Bearing in mind that models are not reality, our reliability is  also based on the transparency of our choices and  the understanding of your professional expertise.

Our Team

Nowadays, consultants cooperate in INOPRO iao : engineers, technicians, Doctor Engineers or Master of Science holders. We participate in research programs and we are engaged in a ongoing effort for training on new softwares. We also ensure a continuous technological watch, analysing the available software capabilities.
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