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  • INOPRO iao
    • About INOPRO iao

      About INOPRO iao, numerical simulation services Close to Grenoble, INOPRO iao is a company specialized in Computational Fluid dynamics and dedicated to the numerical simulation.  Discover INOPRO iao's expertise through its history, values, driving forces...... En savoir plus >>

    • Contact

      Contact us In case of  difficulty to join us at : +33 (0)4 76 03 27 56 please make the: +33  (0)9 52 46 16 61. Our apologies for these temporary difficulties.... En savoir plus >>

  • Buildings

    support for design and energy optimization The building sector is a large energy consumer. It is therefore crucial to find energy-efficiency solutions in building design as well as in rehabilitation and renovation program. The simulation of buildings energy behavior (... En savoir plus >>

    • Comfort

      Numerical simulation provide assistance to the optimization of comfort  Energetical optimization is among the issue of design and renovation for buildings. The aeraulic simulation thereby allows to optimize systems of ventilation/heating/air conditioning for a better energy efficiency. The... En savoir plus >>

    • IAQ/ Security

      Air quality and Security We spend 80 % of our time in closed or semi-closed space, whether it is in housing, workplaces, schools, shops, transport, etc.. The air  we inhale can have effects on our comfort and our health.Thus, the quality of... En savoir plus >>

    • Thermal bridge

      Thermal bridge - Risk of condensation Health hazard, deterioration in the status of surface, modification of insulating properties, cold walls feeling, overconsumption of heating... To prevent such troubles, thermal leakage and condensation risk have to be identified... En savoir plus >>

    • Urban planning

      Urban planning In order to make your construction or urban planning project by adjusting it to the environmental constraints, many resources can be set up : wind power, natural ventilation... Before setting up these resources, they need to be... En savoir plus >>

  • Environment

    Numerical simulation for energy and environment You have  a project of design or you want to improve your infrastructures in environment or urban planning fields ? In order to manage it optimally, we put at your service our expertise in consulting and numerical... En savoir plus >>

    • operation in environment

      Operation - Improve the efficiency of your installed systems You wish to improve the efficiency of existing systems considering the environmental specificities Our engineering firm is abble to carry out numerical simulations which will assess energy needs and capacity of your facilities.... En savoir plus >>

    • design in environment

      Design - Investment - Anticipation In order to invest in a thoughtful and suitainable way and to reduce costs depending on environmental and urban planning constraints, it is necessary  : - To estimate the evolution of  your project in terms of energy... En savoir plus >>

  • Industry

    Numerical simulation for equipments and process Energy efficiency, yields, scrap rate, increase in capacity, change of scale, process/product adaptation,... whether for production, R&D or for choosing, sizing, designing equipments, you have to control as far as possible all... En savoir plus >>

    • Dimensioning support

      Dimensioning support Whether it is to provide dimensioning support on upstream phase of projects or to validate this dimensioning on final phase, our studies are based on process or industrial equipment(s) simulations.... En savoir plus >>

    • models development

      Development of numerical models Whatever are the fields of applications, the complexity of the simulated processes lead us to develop specific physical models, specific simulation and convergence procedures or models simplified from our detailed... En savoir plus >>

    • Design support

      Digital simulation : a tool for design support Each of our studies are based on modelling process or/and on equipments used or elaborated by our clients.... En savoir plus >>

  • Industrial Ventilation

    Ventilation of Industrial Buildings Thermal aerolic simulations of ventilation are used for both industrial and building applications. Their objectives is to comply with legal standards but also to provide a clearer picture of comfort levels and air quality, to... En savoir plus >>

  • Know-how
    • Consulting

      Numerical modelling engineering Our task is to serve your products or processes projects using numerical modelling in order to accelarate your developments, control the risk of your investments and projects, and help you to plan, optimize and innovate.... En savoir plus >>

  • Simulated processes
    • Thermics

      Inopro iao - An Expert in Heat Exchange and Temperature Transfer Modelling Thermics has numerous applications in industry and buildings. We often carry out studies based on various heat transfer models. You will find below a description of these models and their main applications.... En savoir plus >>

    • Electromagnetism

       Induction heating modelling Optimize with simulation your process parameters and its induction heating. In the case of heat treatment, modelling will help you verify temperatures reached by each material and each treated parts. ... En savoir plus >>

  • R and D

    simulation in research field Inopro IAO, frequently provide research support, subcontracting with public laboratories and research institutes, with major companies or SME's R&D centers. We also participate, as partner, in collaborative projects of... En savoir plus >>

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