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simulation in research field

Inopro IAO, frequently provide research support, subcontracting with public laboratories and research institutes, with major companies or SME's R&D centers. We also participate, as partner, in collaborative projects of R&D. we bring our reactivity, our effective methods of development and validation of models, and transparency in implementation.


Research support

- Studies carried out with simulations
- Models development based on specifications
- Inopro iao mains field of intervention in R&D are :
    - Solidification of pure materials
    - Plasma
    - Thermal-aeraulics  (ventilation, process...)
    - Thermal-hydraulics (mix, process ...)

Research partnership
Fundamental research
- Models Development in collaboration with researchers,
- Improvements and adjustements of models,
- Models adaptation for new applications, validation of hypotheses
- Reduction of uncertainties on models characterizing material properties.

Applied research
- Models Development of new industrial processes (microelectronics, chemistry, medical field...)
- Models Development for products engineering and design.

Examples of collaborative projects :

-  ARPE Project
, (Acoustics and vibration of vacuum pumps) in collaboration with LTDS (ECL), Vibratec and Pfeiffer vacuum,
- Simulation of solidification in crystal growth, in collaboration with SIMAP,
- EVOL Project , thermohydraulics of nuclear reactors of MSFR type 4th generation (see "final report")
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