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Development of numerical models

Whatever are the fields of applications, the complexity of the simulated processes lead us to develop specific physical models, specific simulation and convergence procedures or models simplified from our detailed simulations.

Process models development

This phase is the first step in design support studies, when the model has to be created or modified. Moreover, when our client wants to achieve studies by himself, we transfer the model after validation and teach him how to use it.

The main phases of our model development services are as follows :

  •  Specification of one or several models to develop, in close collaboration with our client, supplemented if necessary by a bibliography
  • Creation of one or several models or establishment of a specific simulation procedure,
  • Verification of one or several models compared to specifications and by testing on simple cases for which the solution is known,
  • Validation of one or several models comparing simulated results to measured results in similar cases as wanted by our client,
  • Transfer on our client's simulations resources or on a server,
  • When it's needed, training modules on the use of model or interpretation assistance for the first results.

Examples of models development with Openfoam

Applications with Openfoam

- Flow with specific rheology  (concrete flow...)
- Fibres orientation (plastics, concretes...)
- Gas/liquid balance, evaporation and condensation in a storage tank

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