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Dimensioning support

Whether it is to provide dimensioning support on upstream phase of projects or to validate this dimensioning on final phase, our studies are based on process or industrial equipment(s) simulations.


- Validation of operating points,

- Optimization of an operating point, of an energetic efficiency, of a performance…

- Equipment sizing

- Simulation of equipments integration into the process

- Simulation of equipments durability and toughness into their environment

INOPRO iao always makes a commitment on its prices, on the deadline of study and on the consistancy between the accuracy of our results and customer objectives.

concrete examples of dimensioning support

Smoke processing

Thermal homogeneity and gas flow distribution in smoke processing

Resistive heating

Thermal homogeneity and dimensioning of a resistive heating

Contamination in a microelectronic production process

Particules flow and contamination in a microelectronic production process
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