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smoke processing

Problems encountered
Heterogeneous spreading of smoke emissions, random deposits, optimization of filters performance.
  • To validate the sizing of a new plant, ensuring the appropriate evacuation of flows in filters,
  • To convince the end-client of the quality of the solution,
  • To validate a filter modification by characterizing velocity in the vicinity of vents,
  • To explain the deposit areas and validate a solution.

  • 3D simulations of air and particle transport by smoke emissions,
  • Measuring deposit rates in the different areas and correlation with experimental feedback,
  • Shape modification proposal and validation : deposit rate in critical areas divided by five.
Spreading of smoke in a filter : effect of recirculation.
Exhaust surface temperature. Cooling effect of recirculation of hot gases
Effect of the shape of the equipment on the flow of particles : spread of particles according to their size (red 180microns, blue 5microns).
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