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Design - Investment - Anticipation

In order to invest in a thoughtful and suitainable way and to reduce costs depending on environmental and urban planning constraints, it is necessary  :
- To estimate the evolution of  your project in terms of energy needs
- To evaluate its potential risks

Modelling and numerical simulation support your project's design. Some process will validate, steps by steps,  the global design thanks to reliable studies.

Examples of simulations during design phase

Decision support for setting up

- Wind energy potential on a territory (see urban planning)
- Geothermics : behavior of a probe or of a network of geothermal probes.
Support for equipments/ infrastructures specifications

- Solar panels cooling

- Water discharge work for thermal power stations or for air-conditioning systems : Characterize the thermal plume
- Methanation process : Control of the heating system homogeneity , odors and polluting gases dispersion

- Gravel pit mixing process
Validation in a global design

- Solar farms, buildings : Structures resistance to wind, external aeraulics

- Incineration plant : gas flow homogeneity in a gas treatment system
- Waste treatment plant, methanation :
- Polluting discharges ( molecular, particle pollutions)
- Smell leaks

- Sensitive industries  : Façades resistance to wind (positive - negative pressure)
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