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Smells containment in an industrial workshop

Whether it is for the construction of a new industrial workshop or within the framework of the modification for an existing one, you are faced to ventilation and containment problems. How to design, then, a ventilation system adapted to your needs and which takes into account the workshop’s life.

Our methodology, based on 3D termo-aeraulic simulations, provides you the fine-grained understanding of the planned or current system behavior, and allows you to plan modifications of the new ventilation system, required for airflow optimization.
We will advance workable alternatives which will allow you, as the same time, to optimize installation and operating costs.

We guarantee you the leakage rates to the outside and the internal concentrations.


Probleme encountered

During a waste treatment plant design, the project manager must ensure of no smells leakage.



  • To characterize the way chosen ventilation system works
  • To validate the lack of smells dispersion outwards


  • 3D thermal airflow simulations for a range of scenarios
  • Identification of thermal and smell sources
  • Representation of different openings
  • Sensitivity to wind scenarios


The study enabled to :
  • Validate ventilation choices and sizing,
  • Identify critical points,
  • Suggest changes/adaptations.

Study carried out for


Normalized concentration, logarithmic scale. Wind effect on outdoor diffusion despite an air curtain

Speed under an air curtain

Ammonia concentration inside the workshop
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