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 Induction heating modelling

Optimize with simulation your process parameters and its induction heating. In the case of heat treatment, modelling will help you verify temperatures reached by each material and each treated parts.

Design support for heat treatment furnace

Problem encountered
In order to improve the productivity of a heat treatment process performed at temperatures exceeding 2700°C, a prototype has to be designed. Therefore we have to quickly validate different technical choices and sizings.
  • To verify temperatures reached by the different materials,
  • To propose and validate different design alternatives.
  • 2D and 3D simulations of the prototype and its system of induction heating .
  • Simplified simulation of the load to be processed.
  • Calibration of the inaccurately parameters from the setpoint temperature.
  • Sensitivity studies on imprecise parameters of simulation and on various design parameters.
Chauffage par induction Four de traitement thermique
Example of flow in the upper section of the studied furnace
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