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Operation - Improve the efficiency of your installed systems

You wish to improve the efficiency of existing systems considering the environmental specificities

Our engineering firm is abble to carry out numerical simulations which will assess energy needs and capacity of your facilities. We can also assess the safety performance of your equipments, increase your knowledge about releases into the environment, or improve the energy performance of your systems.

Our services in digital modelling will optimize the environmental performance related to your systems.

Examples to optimize your systems performance

Management of clean waters

- Water quality : Identify the degree of water homogeneity (flow area and stagnation area).
- Efficiency/mixing duration: Emptying and filling simulation (in real configuration with free surface).

Management of wastewaters

- Equipements security (pumps, tanks) : Identify the areas of swirl risks inside tanks ( during operation phase or during emptying or filling).
- 3D simulation with free surface of weirs

Contamination risks

- air emission and odours control,

Wood collective heating (wood chips, pellets)

- Optimization of the boiler efficiency
- Wood chips drying
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