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Numerical simulation provide assistance to the optimization of comfort 

Energetical optimization is among the issue of design and renovation for buildings. The aeraulic simulation thereby allows to optimize systems of ventilation/heating/air conditioning for a better energy efficiency.

The numerical simulation allows air flows, water vapor flows, CO2 streams, etc. to be modelled and  the areas where criteria are not met to be located. Then, we can suggest solutions to improve users comfort.

Simulations examples

Simulation for Public buildings comfort

- Modelling of thermal transfers
- Comfort evaluation compared to air speeds and air temperatures.

Effect of the wind on the inner ventilation

- Internal and external aeraulic simulations
- Studies of different wind scenarios
- Characterization of wind-exposed areas
- Forced convection by wind
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Natural ventilation

- Planning the comfort levels
- Concept of partly natural ventilation
- Interaction with the building shape, the furniture...
- Positioning of ventilation equipments

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High-speed nozzles

- Analysis of the comfort level
- Speeds and "feel-like" temperatures of air
- Induction diffusers

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