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Natural ventilation simulations

Thermo aerolic simulations of ventilation can be used in both industry and construction. Their goals are to meet required standards, but also to more precisly forecast the comfort levels to be obtained.

Our studies and simulations analyze the planned or existing mechanical or natural ventilation system, taking into account the infrastructures positioning , the interactions between furniture or machines, internal environment and external environment while optimizing its cost.

Estimate of the natural ventilation potential

Problem encountered
A new concept of partially natural ventilation is used in the project of an office building. The principle is known but its application raises significant doubt linked to the interaction between the building shape, its environment and the ventilation system.
  • Phase of competition : proof of concept. Validate the idea with a strong budgetary constraint.
  • Phase of preliminary outlines : Advice on possible shapes (external aeraulics), location of ventilation equipments and proof of concept by approximate simulations.
  • Phase of final design : Statistically representative validation, in an average year, of the natural ventilation ability (and comfort levels in all circumstances of ventilation), and adjustement or optimization proposal.
  • 3D simulation of the air intake system based on known head loss values,
  • Rough determination of a functioning range and description of the optimization possibilities,
  • A second phase involving suggestions for device alteration and optimization, and a more precise description of the mechanisms involved according to wind forces and outdoor and indoor temperatures.

Note: sometimes we may even be brought to recommend a shape change of the building.
external air flow and speed  (m/s) for a wind known scenario
internal air flow
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