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Inopro iao - An Expert in Heat Exchange and Temperature Transfer Modelling

Thermics has numerous applications in industry and buildings. We often carry out studies based on various heat transfer models.
You will find below a description of these models and their main applications.

Temperature models

Three types of temperature models are rendered through specific modelling techniques:
  • Conduction: in all materials, heat is diffused from the hot areas to the cold areas,
  • Convection: in fluids and gases, thermal energy is transferred through fluid flow. Thermal gradients are also the cause of fluid movements as a result of density variations, which determine natural convection.
  • Radiation: between two sufficiently heated solid surfaces or inside a semi-translucent fluid.

These three types of models are complemented by other more specific models which enable to include for example state changes, very localised thermal resistances or ultra thin conductive elements... Each application and especially each study objective triggers the choice of new different models.


Please find below, several examples. For a detailed description, follow the links:

Most of these applications also use fluidics.
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