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Discover in this section INOPRO iao's projects.


- In this beautiful fall, here are some of our ongoing projects :
  • 3D aeraulic simulation of a vertical axis wind turbine
  • Aeraulic simulation of an input diffuser in a chemical reactor
  • ventilation study of a heat treatment plant to ensure safety in case of a gas leak, and to enhance comfort.
  • Termo-aeraulic study to check the quality of the air flow in clean room.

- INOPRO iao, always at the cutting age of building thermal with a study of a shoulder-season energy-storing system.

- INOPRO iao is involved in the ARPE project funded by the FUI, in collaboration with ADIXEN VACUUM PRODUCTS, VIBRATEC, and ECL/LTDS, project accredited by Mont-Blanc Industries, Minalogic and Viameca.

  The « ARPE » project aims to substantially reduce the noise of the machines which represents a hindrance to their use near operators. This is particularly true for vacuum pumps used in microelectronic, in industrial markets as land transports, aeronautics, defence, energy, mecatronics..., in R&D and in analytical instrumentation.

The approach is built on the development of a software and its implementation on a prototype of silent pump.

- "best paper awards" in the World Congress NAFEMS within the category : better practical application of simulation technologies.
- cover of the magazine BENCHMARK
- news from cluster écoénergie...
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