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Urban planning

In order to make your construction or urban planning project by adjusting it to the environmental constraints, many resources can be set up : wind power, natural ventilation...

Before setting up these resources, they need to be considered into their environmental context, taking in account numerous factors. Though, calculations and aeraulic studies allow us to predict and to master the comfort of urban planning projects.

CFD simulation for urban planning

3D CFD simulation allows to define the environmental, energetical and comfort performances of your initial or already existing project. For already existing project, we will focus on the improvement of energy performances.

Simulation examples for Urban planning

External airflow calculations & validation of the comfort objectives

- Integration of topological data
- Calculation and analysis of the local compass rose (wind statistics)
- Interaction calculations wind / buildings
- Optimization in the implantation of the improving comfort devices in windy areas
- Hot spots management                
Environmental potential of urban planning projects

- Wind resources on masts or roof
- Capacity of natural ventilation

Prevention of local natural and industrial risks

- 3D CFD simulation of high water levels and floods.
- Smells and pollutants dispersion into the air (few km)
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