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Thermal bridge - Risk of condensation

Health hazard, deterioration in the status of surface, modification of insulating properties, cold walls feeling, overconsumption of heating... To prevent such troubles, thermal leakage and condensation risk have to be identified and controlled. For this purpose, INOPRO iao steps in validation of solution or provides coaching and assistance right from the design phase.
INOPRO iao modelises thermal bridges in order to quantify the induced heat leakage and estimate the facade global U. Through such modelling, INOPRO iao also assesses the condensation risk and proposes individual optimized solutions to eliminate this risk.

Thermal and hygrometric optimization

Humidity and CO2 transferts

- Humidity and CO2 transferts simulation
- Characterization of the water vapor and CO2 concentrations

Thermal bridge modelling

- Condensation risk analysis
- Local leakage calculation
- Reactivity

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