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Thermal Hydraulics simulation (OPENFOAM, FLUENT,COMSOL...)

We currently use several software applications as COMSOL, FLUENT, SOLIDWORKS..., OPENFOAM, in order to provide maximum efficiency according to the physical phenomena to be examined and to enrich our ressources

An eutectic salts reactor simulated with Open Foam

Problem encountered
A 4th generation project reactor whose core is made up of eutectic uranium salts, works at a temperature as high as 800 to 1000°C. Temperature homogeneity is therefore a critical factor for reactor design, because the maximum temperature needs to be limited so as to allow for a wider choice of building materials.

To calculate then improve temperature homogeneity through optimizing salt injection into the reactor.

  • 3D simulations of the eutectic salt flows inside the core of the reactor, taking into account the heating source whose values are determined by means of neutronic models.
  • Study of the impact of the core shape and salt injection on temperature homogeneity
  • Part of the above operations were performed using OpenFoam
simulation thermohydraulique sous openfoam
Salt path and temperature distribution in case of non symmetrical injection causing a vortex. This solution determines the formation of a too low velocity flow area in the centre of the reactor.
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