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As part of your policy of working conditions improvement, a proper ventilation of production areas has a decisive role in comfort, safety of working teams, without harming manufacturing process

Indeed, the employees comfort, inter alia, goes through air renewal, thermal loads evacuation…

The airflows that enable this proper ventilation, may be driven by either mechanical ventilation or natural ventilation, or by both at the same time.

The aim of our studies and simulations is to analyse these aiflows , according to the internal and external configuration of your building, and provide you the best possible solutions ( effectiveness/ modifications cost/ energy cost ratio)

Natural ventilation for industry

Problem encountered
Temperature conditions inside an industrial hall require better management both in terms of operator comfort and in terms of the impact on production processes.

  • To lower workshop temperatures during hot weather,
  • Without increasing electricity use, even by decreasing it .
Plan of one industrial hall
  • 3D simulations of the hall using the existing sources of heating and ventilation,
  • Qualification of the model as compared to the made mesures,
  • Simulation of various representative conditions among which the high temperatures occurring in summer,
  • Proposing natural ventilation solutions based on simple opening systems.
The solutions suggested enable to :
  • reduce maximum temperatures (50°C) by 5 to 10 degrees,
  • with no extra energy consumption.
modelisation aeraulique sous openfoam 
Temperature field at 2m from the floor. After comparison with measures, simulation is used to optimize ventilation which can even be partially natural.

We carry out aeraulic studies for some other applications :
  • Ventilation and comfort for buildings,
  • Natural ventilation for buildings,
  • Aeraulics of processes.
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