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Simulation for industrial workshops and factory shed’s ventilation

The example below, shows a concrete use of thermo-aeraulic simulations for the design and the validation of a ventilation system in a factory shed.

Example of a study on ventilation into an industrial building

The study examines the ventilation effects on the air flows in a paper machine factory shed.

Air speed (m/s) in the production hall, areas with more or less proper ventilation.

Very innovative methodology and approach. The simulation associated with an interpretation with a lot of pragmatism from INOPRO IAO, has allowed us to choose the right solution

Thierry Montane
Director of prevention EMIN LEYDIER

Airflow trajectories colored by travel times for two solutions of ventilation.

Methodology for ventilation systems optimization

Whatever are our clients’s objectives : Temperature or air quality control in an industrial workshop, on a workstation; understanding of the interactions ventilation/process, with the outside… Our approach always involves the following steps :
  • Consideration of the objectives (possibly specifications),
  • Site visit, discussion, consideration of the workshop « life » (openings,…),
  • To take stock of the available datas and additional measures,
  • Proposal of study approach based on simulations thermo-aeraulic 3D, and results interpretation,
  • Modifications or optimal solution validation,
  • Specifications of the adopted solution.

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